Intuitive reputation management solutions

A Scalable, Easy to Use Reputation Management System

We make client’s businesses and lives better with a platform that optimizes every facet of the customer experience. We integrate with all major Patient Management Systems to add the power of proactive review management, automated review capture, custom content generation, SEO distinction and 24/7/365 support to your service bundle.

Automate Review Capture

Exponentially grow client reviews with intelligently automated review capture. We request reviews from each and every client as soon as they’re out the door, making it easy for them to evangelize your business on the platforms that matter.

Manage Less-Than-Perfect Reviews

Give disgruntled clients the chance to get their grievances off their chest as they leave. If they indicate a less-than-perfect experience your clients will be given the opportunity to fill a form with their grievances and send that form privately to you for resolution. Fast and appropriate responses can then positively transform this client’s perception of your brand, increasing the chances that they return to you

Centralized Review Management

Derive insight and take action from the same place; Social Review Wizard serves as your client’s central reputation management hub with a dynamic list of every client review across Google, Yelp & Facebook. Monitor conversations about your brand with a comprehensive list of reviews sorted by date and platform, and drastically cut response time.

Dominate SEO with Listing Synchronization

Beat local competitors with automated listing synchronization across 42 different search engines including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing and Foursquare. Our program crawls the web on a second-by-second basis and alerts you of any duplicate listings or inconsistencies that could put a damper on your SEO ranking.

Ongoing Client Engagement

Curate and browse content from your Content Wall, a constantly refreshing dashboard of content from social sources you follow. Schedule or immediately post interesting content with a few clicks and keep clients engaged with material they care about.

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